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We list some examples of our work below, but we are more than happy to tailor what we offer to suit your particular needs.


Presentations and Seminars 

Using real examples and case histories, we offer engaging and authoritative presentations on a wide range of topics, either formal or informal, large groups or small: whether your organisation wants a broad-brush introduction to the oil and gas business, or an in-depth view of a specific topic, we can meet your specific needs either through our wide range of ready-to-go materials or a bespoke talk prepared just for you.


Recent topics have included:

  • Libya country status and production outlook
  • The role of oil and gas in the energy transition
  • Oil and gas fundamentals for non-industry professionals
  • Upstream project management processes
  • The role of national oil companies
  • Risk-based auditing techniques for upstream operations
  • Corporate planning processes
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Capital allocation processes
  • The role of the private sector in energy security
  • New country entry – setting yourself up for success 

General Services

We also share our experience in other ways. 

Recent activities have included:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Teaching modules for multinational agencies
  • Keynote panel member and speaker at oil and gas conferences
  • Panel member at regional trade association events
  • Seminars on preparing for business in, or a trade mission to, a new country.

Country Management Expertise

Roger’s deep and extensive practical experience in country management means that this is naturally an area where we can – and do – add significant value for clients.

We provide below a brief summary of the kinds of services we offer, but we are more than happy to tailor what we offer to your exact requirements.

A ‘challenging location’ means different things to different people. The common thread is that there are risks to be identified and managed to make your business not only a success, but a sustainable success. Whether it be making a strategic decision to enter a new country, building the right relationships from the outset, building a team in-country, reflecting your company’s values in your day-to-day business, or keeping your people safe and secure in a hostile environment, we can help you to quickly focus on the things that matter. We can provide an independent and objective perspective to support – and challenge – you to help your business land and prosper in a new country. Our comprehensive, experience-based country management advice can get you started in a practical and positive way, helping you to avoid the pitfalls that country entry often brings, to establish yourselves quickly and effectively, and to succeed in building a sustainable business. 

Country Entry and Exit decisions

We can help you through your decision on whether or not to enter a new country by ensuring all relevant risks and challenges are considered in your decision process. It’s not just about the economics, but the many diverse factors that underpin a successful and sustainable country entry.

  • Real-time board-level review of country entry decisions 
  • Key risks checklist

Country Manager Preparation and Support

  • Selection and briefing of country managers
  • Advice on getting things moving on the ground
  • Preparation of integrated engagement and communication plans
  • Advice on building, maintaining (and repairing, if necessary) alignment with key stakeholders
  • Selecting and building teams in-country
  • Staying safe

In-Country Representation Service

  • We can help get you started by making initial representation visits into country on your behalf, including preparation and delivery of meetings and/or presentations to stakeholders. Such an arrangement can provide a lower-cost way to get your business positioned in-country before your permanent country manager arrives
  • We can work alongside your newly-recruited country manager, preparing them prior to travelling into country and supporting them – either from the UK or in-country – as they establish themselves
  • Or, as a cost-effective alternative to a full-time country manager, we can provide ongoing representation services on a part-time, day-rate basis.

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