About Us

As a small consultancy we can work flexibly, in whatever way meets your needs. 

This can mean an hour, a day, a week or longer.

We can work:

  • Through independent desktop study
  • As part of a team in your offices
  • By visiting your overseas locations
  • By talking to your staff, clients, competitors or stakeholders
  • By representing you to your stakeholders.

We are UK-based but happy to travel. 

We have an extensive network to call upon to provide additional support for larger projects. 


Our strength lies in our ability to use our experience

  • To quickly focus on the things that matter to you without time-consuming preparations
  • To deliver practical advice that is individualised to your specific needs in a way that empowers your own people to deliver what matters to you.

We have no corporate targets to meet so we will not pester you for business or repeat business. 

Our Promise

Our reputation is what we stand by. If we are unable to take your commission, or do not feel we have the right expertise to complete it to your – and our – exacting standards, we’ll say so at the outset. We don’t string people along, take their money and deliver a mediocre piece of work. We are always happy to refer you to others who may be better placed to meet your needs. 

If we do take on a piece of work for you, we will deliver whatever we have agreed with you, on time and to the highest standard. That is what sustains Roger’s reputation and these are the values by which he always operates!

The simple message is that, whether we do a major piece of work for you, or simply provide an hour’s consultation by phone, our goal is for you to be totally satisfied with what we deliver.

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